Kitten: Enislalou Sapphire and Enislalou Solomon (above) and Enislalou Ivar. 

Our aim is to produce healthy, Exotic kittens to the Breed Standard, with beautiful ‘ teddy bear’ expressions and loving characters that make every family Happy. We breed quality kittens for homes and shows! Our cats are raised in the house, not in cages.


Before you buy kittens from us you should consider the time you can spend with them. A cat’s life is not complete just with ‘eat and sleep’. Exotic kittens need love and attention. They are used to being played with, washed and groomed.

If you would like to purchase a kitten/kittens please send your request with details about yourself and family ( how many children you have/how much time you can spend with your kitten, as we are trying to find you a kitten with a suitable personality). You also need to decide if you would like to purchase a kitten as a pet or for breeding. You should state your intentions prior the contract.

We are accepting deposits of £250 and should you change your mind later, all deposits are non refundable.

We have the right to refuse selling the kitten for any reasons to the customers. All kittens are subject of contract signed by both parties.
Please note that transportation should be paid by the customer, unless collecting the kitten/kittens personally.

Our kittens are GCCF registered, vaccinated, vet checked and are bred from PKD negative tested parents from Europe.

See general advice for new kitten owners section Care