If you decided to have a kitten, after bringing it to the new home, you’ll need to make an appointment with a veterinarian to have your cat checked.

Kittens in their new home 

Some kittens can experience travel sickness after long hours in a car. We prefer to give them just water for a couple of hours. Cats/kittens do not eat if they are stressed anyway. It is better to leave the kittens to sniff around and preferably for children not to play with them straight way; instead leave the kittens to adapt to their new home.

Possible danger

A new home can be a stressful situation for a little kitten/cat. We recommended that your Exotic kitten be confined to a limited area (some kittens may not like it first as our kittens never experience closed doors in the house). They should familiarise themselves with the new location of the litter box and food area. If the kittens would like to explore a bit more of their new house we would advise to let them do it (this depends on the kittens’ personality). Please check your home for possible dangers, such as open detergents or other cleaning products, house plants (e.g. lilies) which may be poisonous for cats, put your toilet seat down etc.

It is necessary to purchase a scratch post. Place it next to those things that you want to protect such as sofa or armchairs. Please fix it properly or attach it to the wall as Exotic cats grow big and heavy and may knock the scratch post over if it is not attached to the wall or floor.
Provide your cat with fresh water at all times. Always use a ceramic or metal bowl as some plastic bowls can carry diseases even after they have been washed.

Never assume that your cat understands what is a dangerous and what is not at home. Cats can climb into washing machines and microwaves, swallow objects and chew cables. If you have electrical cables your cat can access, please them turn off at the switch when they are not needed.


Changing your kittens diet abruptly or overfeeding may cause diarrhoea or vomiting!
We always suggest to buy the food your kitten has been raised on. Yes, kittens have different personalities and different taste. If for some reason you would prefer to change the diet, try it by mixing approximately one part of the current food to one part of the new food.
Many supermarket cat foods can be high in ash or artificial colour which may cause dangerous urinary tract blockages or vomiting and sensitive stomach. There are many professional brands to choose. I use Royal Canin.


We recommend you give your kitten a bath approximately every month.
You will be surprised that some kittens love to have a bath. We wash them with tears-free baby shampoos, which is easy to buy and cheap. If you do not wash them the dirt and oil can cause a clumpy look to the coat.
Professional shampoos are recommended if you would like to show your cats as there are special shampoos to brighten the colours of your cats.
Our cats/kittens do enjoy drying their coat and grooming time. Believe me they do not want this time to stop. We groom our cats every day or every other day. First it helps to prevent collecting shed cat hair at home and you will always enjoy your plush cats.


It is important to clean inside the ears. If you notice that the insides of the ears are dirty with a dark brown crusty matter and it irritates the cat it means that cat may have ear mites. It’s important to treat this with a good ear mite medication as soon as possible (ask your vet for medication, never use human medicine on animals) as it can lead to infection and ear damage.
It is recommended with Exotics to nip the tip of the hair of ears to make the ears of your ‘teddy bear’ look rounder and smaller, which also makes the impression that the head is bigger and rounder.


Persians and Exotics eyes tear . This occurs because of their short noses. Bacteria causes the discharge to become coffee brown and stain the face of the cat. You’ll need to clean them every day, preferably twice a day. We recommend Eye Envy products for eye stain removal. Once you’ve used this product for a while, you’ll see the difference. Some vets may suggest different products.

Always insure your cat or kitten!